Staying in Love

Exodus 34:10-28 1. Introduction 2. A reminder of who Yahweh is (34:10-17): i. Covenant-keeper (34:10; 27) ii. Jealous (34:11-17) 3. To stay in love with God, we must (34:18-28): i. Worship Him regularly (34:18; 22-24) ii. Rest in Him (34:21) iii. Give our best to Him (34:19-20; 26) 4. Conclusion

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A Portrait of Sin

1. Introduction 2. What sin looks like a. It is rebellious b. It has consequences c. It is strangely familiar d. It is zero-sum 3. Conclusion – A distant foreshadow Summary: The Golden Calf remains one of the most rebellious events in the history of Israel where they willingly and wilfully broke covenant with the […]

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Recovering Rest

by Rev David Wong Exodus 31:12-18 & 20.8-11 Right rhythm: rest and work 1. Thrust of commandment is not Rest but Remember 2. Creation order is not Work then Rest, but Rest then Work 3. Rest is not primarily physical, but spiritual 4. Man was not made for Sabbath, but Sabbath for Man Questions for […]

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