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On 11 May 2016, I saw my new room. Amidst, piles of cartons, two boxes looked strange. In them were materials belonging to a fireman.

My Japanese colleague helped to locate the owner of these two boxes by calling the fire engine department. How good it is to recover that which was lost! Somehow, in the process of changing warehouses, his things had been mixed with mine. I then realized something was missing.

Big items such as my bed, mattresses, box of sheets and winter clothes were not in this room. These had not been delivered. I traced their whereabouts but to no avail. Lack gives rise to opportunity to receive – a Japanese lady lent me her un-used bed frame and my church pastor delivered it to this room.

As conversations progressed at ‘Welcome-back-to-Japan” gatherings with different persons at church, homes and hospitals, ‘recovery’ was a word that came to mind. There are friends undergoing medical treatments for their illnesses. Recovery is uncertain and slow for some. Other chats revealed wounds which needed recovery; questions with no ready answers; and necessary changes. The need to continue to pray, listen and bear each other’s burdens came to mind. I asked myself who should I be spending more time with. However, there are times when we will only see that person for that moment, and that is the moment to treasure, listen and speak.

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