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Back to Japan…

After a series of scans, the way has opened for IG to return to Japan for several months of service until the next medical test.

So here I am in Tokyo, working at two Japanese churches; Tokyo Mission Church and Kakio Christ Church, mainly focusing on teaching the Bible and sharing from the Word/my life.

Scene of a street I frequent to get to Tokyo Mission Church. To pass it, I have to walk along this Ultra Man Street (Founder of the Cartoon Ultraman lived in this area Soshigayaokura).

On a weekly basis, I spend my Wednesdays with elderly christians at Kakio Christ Church studying the Bible at their prayer meeting.
Thus far, this involves hours of preparation for me – first, to understand the Japanese Bible text well, before drafting my notes and then sharing thoughts and questions with the group.

Other days of the week are spent in Tokyo Mission Church’s fellowship meetings, speaking formally or personally with Japanese I am trying to reach out to or build stronger ties with.
A day may include visiting the shut-in, staying home to prepare lessons or talks, unexpected meals and chats, or intentionally connecting with some Japanese friends outside of Tokyo, not forgetting the daily necessities – laundry, housework or disposing rubbish the Japanese way.

Some Sundays I go to Tokyo Mission Church, and sometimes to Kakio, depending on the schedule. Whichever church, it remains a challenge to remember everyone’s names to greet them correctly and speak accurately.
However, i am thankful for conversations and relationships forged as time goes on. It is special to worship God together with the Japanese in their language and style.

Pray for improvement in my spoken Japanese, courage to speak the truth and wisdom to know when not to speak.
Pray for good preparation for talks to the elderly on a weekly basis, at adhoc fellowship meetings and for a sermon in November – topic to be decided.

Thank God for providing me replenishments in settling back in Japan such as a borrowed bed, new cupboard my roommate bought for my room, safety in travels, and a roof over our heads, bearing in mind the homeless who struggle with no place to live. When you thank God for your home, remember there are others without one.

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