The Youth Fellowship (YF) is a ministry that targets those entering the teens (12+ years) all the way to early twenties. It serves as a platform for youths, not just to fellowship, but also to grow in their understanding of Christ, and to encourage and buildup one another emotionally and spiritually.

There is a variety of programmes and activities throughout the year, such as workshops, games, Bible study, messages by guest speakers, film screenings and sports tournaments. In addition, there are special events on the YF calendar each year, such the annual year-end camp in December, as well as YF retreats earlier in the year during the school holidays.

If you’re a youth who is new to this church, please feel free to join us on Saturdays, 4-6pm at Chapel 1! If you’ve been in Zion Serangoon, and haven’t given YF a visit before, do come down and find out more! While the close community in YF may seem exclusive, Jesus’ mission to love and embrace all people (especially newcomers!) becomes our mission too and we strive to help everyone integrate into a community where lasting and awesome friendships can be built!

Also, if you’re a parent looking to encourage your youth to attend YF, don’t hesitate to come to us for assistance or contact us at 6284-1987. We look forward to seeing you!