We support six remote missions posts co-ordinated through a local church in Ho Chi Minh City.   May the Lord establish the work of their hands.

Uphold the pastors, evangelists and believers in Vietnam.  May the Lord grant them grace and strength to remain steadfast in their faith and to faithfully and boldly proclaim the Gospel.  Pray for mature and bold disciples to be raised up for the Gospel.  Pray that these disciples will disciple others.  Ask God to break down the barriers which are keeping the Vietnamese from coming to Him.  Ask Him to create a spiritual hunger in their hearts in order to desire to know the Most High God.



A children’s worship session at a church in Ho Chi Minh City.

(Mar 2017)







The interior of a church at Tan Phu Meeting Point.

(Mar 2017)







As some of the remote missions posts are located in areas accessible by narrow paths only, the mode of transport has to switch from travelling in a mini-van to riding pillion on motorbikes.

(Mar 2017)