Senior Adults


The Senior Adults Fellowship (SAF) welcomes those aged 50 and above. It aims to serve as a place for seniors to meet and fellowship with one another, with activities to nourish their spiritual, physical and mental well-being.

There is a wide range of activities that are held throughout the year, which include:

1. Monthly Bible Study Fellowship & Lunch (1st Thursdays of the month, 10.30am-12pm)
Worship and praise is followed by an exhortation and group discussions, and adjourn for a fellowship lunch.

2. Senior Adult Talks
Four talks are planned each year on Saturday afternoons from 3-5pm with different speakers to deliver topics of interest to SAFers, and is followed by refreshments.


. Home Visitations (2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month)
Each time, we visit 3-4 homes of members who are shut-ins, sick or in nursing homes to bring them God’s Word, worship and pray with them. Holy communion is also served by the pastor during visits to shut-ins.





4. SAF Annual Retreat
Many SAF members look forward to this 5D4N annual retreat in September to study God’s Word as well as to deepen our bonds with each other and with our pastor.

5. Annual Endau-Rompin Mission Trip (3D2N Sat – Mon in April / May)
This an annual event that provides opportunities for the SAF to be involved in global mission, as well as to encourage and support fellow believers in the 3 Endau-Rompin churches.


6. SAF Outings (2 outings in a year)
Outings provide good opportunities for bonding among members and with their pastor. We also visit churches and have worship services during these outings.

7. Special Celebrations
We hold 2 special celebrations every year – Chinese New Year and our SAF Anniversary on the 1st Saturday of July.


8. Christmas Carolling
SAF organizes a day of carolling to church members and families of the SAF every year before Christmas to bring joy and encouragement to them.





9. Ling Kwang Home Outreach Ministry
Over the years, SAF has maintained an outreach ministry to Ling Kwang Home (LKH). Our pastor leads a group of SAFers to conduct English Devotions every Tuesday and Friday morning from 9 – 10.30am. The programme includes worship and preaching God’s Word to the LKH residents. Those who accept Christ are arranged for baptism. This ministry also organizes 8 outings a year for the residents and holds monthly birthday celebrations. Special Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations are also organized for the residents annually. A group of LKH residents who have become Zion Serangoon members are wheeled to attend the worship service every Sunday.


For more information on the SAF, please contact Pastor Lawrence Ong at lawrence@zionserangoon.org.sg.


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