Though Christianity in Japan is among the nation’s minority religions, about one percent of the population are Christians.   The average size of a church in Japan is about 35 people.  It is said in any given area, one is likely to see more convenience stores than churches.  Nearly 500 towns or villages do not have a church.

89% of Japan’s Pastors are now over 50 years old with many serving faithfully past retirement age.  Churches without pastors face the challenge of finding and waiting for a new Pastor.  We need to encourage younger Japanese Christians to be involved in pastoral and lay ministry.  Notwithstanding, Christ is the church’s foundation.  God continues to draw His people to know and believe Him.  We rejoice each time a Japanese comes to faith and takes the bold decision to be baptized and live for Christ.

We support our sister, whom God has called to serve Him in Japan, as a missionary with OMF International since 2008.  Partnering with the Japanese Pastoral team in two churches, she teaches the Bible at church, among elderly, youths, and children.  In recent years, her work focuses on reaching the elderly through God’s Word, encouraging them in their illnesses and struggles.  Enabled by God and His guidance, she is trying to sow the seed of the Gospel amongst Japanese friends who have not believed in the work and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is at work in Japan but we long for many more to be reached for Jesus.  Be part of what God is doing, join us in praying for Japan and serving the Japanese.  Pray for Japanese churches and Christians to be salt of the earth and light of the world to their communities and nation.  Thank God for opened doors to share the Gospel.  Pray that God will raise up workers to start churches in areas where there are none.  Pray that many Japanese will know the Saviour of the world.



Our missionary giving message to children at a Christmas outreach event.

(Dec 2016)






A teaching session in church.

(Sep 2016)







Christmas wishes in Otaru.

(Dec 2008)