Glory Descends

Exodus 40

1. Introduction

2. Setting up the Tabernacle (vv 1-33)

3. Glory in the Tabernacle (vv 34-38)

4. Jesus, the LORD of Glory

5. Conclusion

Summary: Exodus ends with the glory of God descending upon the tabernacle. The people had built the tabernacle, but it remained only a house until God made it His home. Exodus fittingly ends with the climactic descending of God’s glory upon the tabernacle, sealing Yahweh’s dwelling among His people. He is truly a God who desires, above all things, a relationship with His people.

Discussion Questions:
1. What are one or two of the most important lessons you have learnt from Exodus?
2. In what ways are you living for God’s glory in your daily life?

Video Recordinghttps://youtu.be/rxa_gtkj2PE

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