Compassion with a Mission: Local Communities in Need

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  • July 5, 2020
  • 10:30 am

God constantly tells us through His word that having love for our neighbours, showing compassion towards orphans and widows, and seeking justice for the oppressed are true marks of a believer. God’s heart for the needy and marginalised is shown to us clearly in the Bible. So, let’s strive to have our hearts beat together with His as we become more aware of the needs around us.


Join us in this mini webinar series to have a closer look into the homeless and migrant worker communities in our midst. Guest speakers Abraham Yeo (Homeless Hearts of SG) and Pastor Rick Toh (YCK Chapel) will speak on the homeless and Michael Cheah (HealthServe) on the migrant workers.

WHEN: At 10.30am (after Sunday Service)

28 June: Visiting the Homeless
5 July: Visiting the Migrant Workers